Stillhouse Whiskey: Where glass can’t go

Stillhouse whiskey is causing a disruption in the whiskey world. But Brad Beckerman, CEO, wants drinkers to understand – it’s purposeful and they’re only gaining steam. Sitting down to chat with him, we poked a little deeper into his vision and where it all started. “We saw a unique opportunity in what we call the white whiskey space, and at the time there were none other on the market. We actually first started as moonshine, and we recognized over time that people didn’t understand what that meant. We were actually selling clear corn whiskey, it’s what we still sell today.”

To combat some of that confusion about what was actually inside the unique stainless steel cans, they decided to do something about it. “So we’ve evolved to 2.0 if you will, it’s a reimagination of the brand… we’re focused on our brand as a whiskey.” That’s why they’ve recently removed moonshine from all their packaging. The package itself is a testament to the liquid inside, but one might not immediately understand that the liquid inside is great stuff based on the old package. Brad realized that he had to attract drinkers from the outside, to get their attention. “We had to create something that was clearly (pun-intended) different from the spirits business in general.”

The clear corn whiskey part of it is what’s different, so the package needed to communicate that. “I went to different bars around the US and everything was just a sea of glass. Different shapes and forms, and I thought, I’m not gonna be able to stand out.” So he collaborated with an industrial design firm to create a package that was “disruptive, non-traditional, but feels timeless American classic.” But its function might be the reason it won double gold for packaging in both San Francisco and NY.  You can take this whiskey every you can’t take glass… which is almost everywhere. Poolside, to the beach, camping, hiking, etc. The stainless steel can stays and gets cold quicker than glass.

Ok, ok, enough about the package, what about the actual whiskey inside? “We have a proprietary corn mash in Columbia, TN. We use local corn, limestone water. We charcoal filter it and put it right into the can.” The charcoal-filtered makes for better quality and flavor and is remarkably mellow with a smooth finish. It works best chilled or as a surprise substitute in a classic cocktail or handcrafted punch. In addition to their original, we carry their Apple Crisp flavor – its got hints of baked apples, cinnamon, natural oats, brown sugar, ginger and nutmeg and the kick of their 100% clear corn whiskey. We’re particularly fond of the Red Hot, which is a delicious blend of sweet corn with infused natural cinnamon for a friendly wallop of sweet and hot. It’s also good to note that the whiskey won gold medals for whiskey from both San Fran and NY as well.

“The easy-drinking nature of our whiskey makes it a gateway whiskey.” Its versatility means that you can enjoy in unconventional ways (perhaps a whiskey mule?). Brad just wants people to know one thing about it: “You’re getting the character, complexity and smoothness of an aged whiskey in an unbelievable package. It’s all natural, no artificial flavors and gluten free.”

Stillhouse plans to go global within the next 5 years. The entrepreneurial spirit that has driven the brand thus far means that innovation will always be at the forefront. “Wherever culture connects with our drinkers, that’s where we want to be. At the musical festivals, at the tailgates, at the block parties. It’s a badge if you will. IF you’re drinking Stillhouse it says something about who you are.”

A whiskey that wants to be in the middle of the fun? Sign us up.

FTW: Red Wine + BBQ

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What’s New at ABC Stores!

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ABC Store(1)

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