Eclipse Party Essentials

Happy Eclipse Day!

At about 2:30pm today, most people across the continental US will be able to witness partial darkness as the moon slips in front of the sun. There are two things you need in order to fully experience the eclipse:

  1. Eclipse glasses
  2. Killer cocktails, a beer bucket, or some wine

We can help with the latter. Start your eclipse party with a stop at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits for a few of these eclipse-themed libations.

7 Moons_2.jpg7 Moons Red Blend

This Napa Valley red blend shows an array of red fruit, chocolate and spice on a smooth palate. With a series of moons on the label, this wine is perfectly themed for your late afternoon celebration.

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Beer Bucket List

The pros of a beer bucket are long. You get a lot of beer for little money and you don’t have to keep waiting for the server to make their way back around to the table. But what happens when you take an idea, translate it on the homefront and create your own beer bucket. Perfect, friends, perfect is what happens. With a flavor player coming out from every corner, a beer bucket allows the imbibers to enjoy a wide array of experiences for a great price (our mix and match 6 offer in stores makes it very appealing).



We’ve researched long and hard on wait makes the perfect beer bucket list. Start with these:

1. Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Warm weather beer is always a priority in FL. With a tangy, sweet combo of prickly pear cactus and grapefruit, Otra Vez put a welcomed twist on the Gose style. It’s utterly refreshing and bright, pairing perfectly with fish tacos.

2. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

With a drool-worthy upfront aroma of creamy vanilla aand brown sugar, Milk Stout Nitro hits the palate with smooth roasted coffee. It continues on a velvety wave, releasing flavors of mocha, with hop bitterness peeking out just at the right moment. A finish of chocolate milk rounds out the sip.

3. Erdinger Weissbier

A crisp, light body and peppy palate experience make for a beer that can work double duty – cleansing the palate or echoing delicate flavors (sushi, anyone?) It’s sessionable, it’s easy to drink bottle after bottle and it’s a style adored by novices and veterans alike!

4. Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

For many, this is the go-to Tripel-style beer. Aromas of tropical fruit, grass, malt and yeast are apparent. The flavor is incredible. Banana, mango, baked sugar and spices dance together in harmony. The mouthfeel is smooth and the carbonation is not overwhelming, making this a choice selection for all sorts of gatherings.

5. Florida Beer Swamp Ape IPA

Esters up front make for a unique IPA.  Cascade hops bring forth grapefruit flavor, but a balancing sweetness from rock sugar fermentation means that this brew is very approachable. With a heavier mouthfeel for an IPA, it goes well with the touches of sugar lacing throughout.



Make more cocktails with just one bottle. Vodka’s palate is clean and versatile, which means you have endless cocktail possibilities to choose from. These three recipes showcase the flexibility of vodka to mix with other spirits, juices, or a simple garnish. Get creative and add your own twist to your favorite recipe or follow it straight. With vodka, you can be as imaginative as you like. Stop by your local ABC Fine Wine & Spirits to shop for your favorite vodkas and mixers or add to your basket online at Continue reading