Cold Weather Means Warm Cocktails


ThinkstockPhotos-497967016.jpgOkay, maybe that photo is an exaggeration. But it is sweater weather, if only for a day. We must make the most of it. And by “we must make the most of it” I mean, we must make warm cocktails. Lucky for us, our single day cold snap landed on a Friday. Even more lucky for us, we’ve been preparing for winter since Halloween, which means we can finally drag out all the winter cocktail recipes we’ve been collecting since October. Continue reading

Seasons Greetings from Florida!

Cheers, Florida!

If you haven’t already gotten into the holiday spirit, now’s the time. We have less than 30 days until the end of the year, people! Put up that tree! Bring out the candles! Dig up that ugly sweater! And most importantly, shake up a few seasonal cocktails made especially for us Floridians.

If you’re not home for the holidays, these cocktails will bring you back. And if you are in the Sunshine State for the season, well, these will pair perfectly with our unseasonably warm winter, yet unrelenting holiday spirit.

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