Time’s running out on pumpkin beer

Pumpkin Patch Beer (4 of 6).jpgOh my gourd there are a lot of pumpkin beers out there. Last we checked, the number climbed to well over a thousand labels. What would George Washington (yes, that George Washington) think of what’s become of his recipe with squash in the mash? Did you know a scribbled note on the back of one of Washington’s journals inspired the first modern pumpkin beer that hit shelves in 1986—Pumpkin Ale from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery? Since then, the somewhat polarizing craft brew, with hints of jack-o-lantern, has evolved into an autumn tradition as certain as Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown’s kick. Continue reading

Wine Wanderlust: Taurasi DOCG, Italy

Tenuta Pepe la Carazita pui vicino.jpgA favorite of our wine experts is Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, an Italian winery known for their Greco di Tufo. This varietal has been cultivated since even before Rome. The hills of Tufo, where these vines originate, are volcanic and offer immense mineral tones. The name Nestor goes back to Greek times; in Homeric’s poems, Nestor is a hero said to have had extraordinary strength and who loved drinking this delicious nectar.

How’s that for an endorsement? A wine long adored even in mythology. The Tenuta Cavalier Pepe Nestor Greco di Tufo is not alone in company on our shelves. We also carry a sister white, Pepe Lila Beneventano Falanghina which is lighter, but still a great match with your favorite shellfish. Another great red wine, Tenuta Pepe Opera Mia Taurasi, offers a bold, beautifully fruit-laced earth. Or try the milder little brother red, Tenuta Pepe Terra del Irpinia Agilianico, for just $13.

Evenings are for Cocktails and Contemplation


Unless you’re a total mouth-breather, you’re eagerly anticipating October 27, when most of everyone will go as MIA as Barb. I, with zero restraint or respect for responsibility, will be one of those who are blissfully binge-watching the entire second season of Stranger Things. If you won’t be hiding out in your living room all weekend long, I commend you for your self-control. But if you are, be sure to follow these 5 rules for the perfect binge-watching party:

  1. Unbox your Christmas lights.
  2. Grab a small group of friends who share your fandom.
  3. Find your inner AV-Club nerd and get your TV settings just right.
  4. Set out Snack Packs.
  5. Make these perfectly strange drinks–they’re delicious. Trust me. Friends don’t lie.

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Are You Superstitious or a Little Stitious?

It doesn’t matter if you’re superstitious or a little-stitious, Friday the 13th makes everyone feel a little… off. There’s a chill in the air and a chill down your spine. You’re suspicious of black cats and careful with mirrors. Luckily, you only have 24 hours to dodge bad luck. So keep our fingers crossed and a salt shaker nearby until you make it back to your house where you can hole up with your best friend and one of these cocktails.

Black Cat.jpg


2 oz Le Beau Vodka
1 oz Jacquin’s Cherry Brandy
2 oz Cola
2 oz Cranberry Juice

Combine over ice in a highball glass. Stir and serve.

This cocktail is a throwback to the cherry cola of your younger years. Add cherries to your glass and let them soak up the cocktail flavors as you sip away. Bonus points if you read Pet Sematary while you sip. Continue reading