On This Day

Elizabeth Taylor.gifOn this day in 2011, Hollywood icon Dame Elizabeth Taylor left the green earth for something greater (and I don’t mean the moon). Famed actress, bride, diamond enthusiast and perfumier, Taylor was also known to be quite the cocktail connoisseur.  While Champagne is often cited as her favorite drink, it has been reported that Taylor loved a wide variety of spirits and cocktails, particularly martinis. In fact, the origin of the chocolate martini–fondly called the chocolatini by many–can be traced back to Taylor and her Giant costar Rock Hudson. As lovers of chocolate and vodka, the pair became fast friends and created the cocktail after filming one evening by adding chocolate syrup and chocolate liqueur to their standard vodka martini.

Thus, a start was born. Continue reading

20 Years of Tito’s

This April 7th marks 20 years since Tito’s Vodka made its debut on store shelves. Quickly becoming one of the most beloved vodkas in the nation, Tito’s has won the hearts of vodka drinkers all over, from cocktail lovers to straight sippers. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to chat with the man behind the brand, Tito Beveridge himself, about the past, present and future of his namesake vodka. Check out the interview in Highball today!

ALERT! We have 2 New Websites!

It’s official. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has not one but TWO new websites.

Last week we launched a newly designed website with a sleeker look and more information. With popular wines and spirits showcased right on the homepage, abcfws.com is easy to use and fun to shop.

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