Here We go Again with Cuban Cigars

Gwalt Cuban Cigars.jpgLast week I was greeted by several new emails with links to a new story stating that restrictions on Cuban cigars were being lifted. I read the article and my first thought was, here we go again. This is the second time our President has tried to address the issue of the Cuban Trade Embargo and like his previous foray this one is really much ado about nothing. Yes, these changes have raised the amount of Cuban cigars you can bring back with you, the previous mark was $100. Now, you can bring back whatever you want in both stogies and rum, just remember that anything over $800 will require a duty be paid. Oh, and it will still be a while before you can stroll into your neighborhood ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and grab a Montecristo #2 or Cohiba Behike. Continue reading

Florida Beer Friday: Cigar City Dioscorides

dioscorides-web.pngBig news everyone: Cigar City Brewing has made a beer exclusively for select ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Brew Stop locations. And guess what? It’s available starting today.

Beer: Dioscorides

Style: Crown Royal Rye Whisky Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Look: Deep, dark, nearly black color

Aroma: Intense dark chocolate, plum and molasses

Flavor: The herbaceous spice of the caraway seeds is evident on the palate, but complemented by licorice, molasses, spice, vanilla and a light smokiness from the barrels

Finish: Smooth and balanced, this brew finishes with an expectation to refill your glass–but be careful, it’s a big beer that sits at 12% ABV

You may have had Dioscorides in the past, but this version was aged in Crown Royal Rye Whisky barrels for added spice. Get your growler filled at select Brew Stop locations today! Call ahead or reach out to your beer consultant on Twitter to see if your local ABC has it on tap. Cheers!


The arrival of the seasonal pumpkin beer elicits an array of emotions from the craft beer market–some drinkers celebrate the arrival of the spicy gourd beer with fall fervor, pumpkin-haters decry the beloved pie-ingredient, and thrillists who have tired of the fad demand innovation and exploration of the style. Beer stores across the country are sure of one thing:  EVERYONE has an opinion about pumpkin beer.

ThinkstockPhotos-514855081.jpgFor those of you who fall into the last two categories, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is proud to bring you some autumnal substitutions and solutions. Now more than ever, breweries are going out of their way to create new recipes for all tastes and preferences and we aim to find a bottle of craft beer that even the pickiest shoppers can feel good about taking home for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Continue reading