French wine: accessible? oui! Expensive? non!

A lot of people are under the impression that French wine has to be expensive, or at least impossible to figure out. All those labels with names of villages and chateaux and not a Chardonnay to be found unless you know where to look.

Not so—in fact, the label we’re talking about today is one of those that is easy to access in every way, proving that you can get a decent bottle of wine from France for less than you might think (without sorting through obscure labels to find it—although of course, sometimes that’s part of the fun).

Marechal cellars[1]

Marechal was one of the first wineries from Burgundy to offer a line of wines from the Languedoc. The president, Louis Cottin, helped out financially the growers in Languedoc back in the 1980’s when this region didn’t have a good reputation (different varietals at the time + high yields). This wine region completely reinvented itself. They pulled out the vines and introduced new varietals that were not local, changed their vinification techniques and lowered the yields.  Now the wines from Languedoc offer a great quality, an aggressive price and a style that is varietally correct.

The winery is based in Nuits Saint Georges in Burgundy and produces wines from the Burgundy region and south of France, and was one of the first wineries to do some “direct business” with ABC Fine Wine and Spirits.Their wines have been available at ABC since 1997.

Marechal merlot

Marechal sauvignon blanc

We have recently received Marechal Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Marechal Sparkling Brut and Brut Rose in 750 ml bottles; these are some of the best values on the market today for varietal wines. A favorite from Burgundy is the Marechal Pouilly Fuisse.

–Atanas Nechkov, Wine Supervisor Central Florida

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