Haton Champagnes

France May 2009 062 France May 2009 047

France May 2009 055 Jean-Noel Haton, third generation Champagne producer, along with his son Sebastien are crafting some of the finest sparkling Champagne in the region. Their wines are a recent addition to ABC’s sparkling wine selection, one we are most excited about.

Well known to the Champagne lovers in London, Paris and other European cities, Haton Champagne is now available for the first time by the American consumer.

Quite possibly today’s best value in Champagne, the wines will delight you with their finesse, elegance, balance and generous fruit.

The Brut Classic is the perfect choice for everyday consumption as an aperitif or paired with multitude of seafood or white meat dishes.

Try the Rose with roasted beef or grilled lamb.France May 2009 054

The Blanc de Blancs and Noble Vintage should be reserved for those special occasions or the finest lobster dinner.

Atanas Nechkov, Wine Supervisor Central Florida

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