Sunday, September 12, the North Florida Wine & Food Festival was held at the University Center Club of FSU. Over 500 guests enjoyed the numerous tables of food, wine and comradery.  This event is tied in with the school of hospitality at FSU.

Tally food & wine festival 034  Tally food & wine festival 031
Events of this kind are great places to learn so much about wine and food.  At our tables, we poured six red wines and 6 white wines.  One white wine was a wonderful Prosecco; a slightly effervescent Italian wine.  Across the room from us was a vendor who made fresh mango sherbet.  I mention this because the last time I was in Italy it was very warm.  To refresh us, we were served Prosecco with a scoop of sherbet.  See where I’m going?  You’re right!  We sent many guests to the sherbet table with a glass of Prosecco and wah-lah!  A friendship ensued.

I urge all of you to take advantage of local wine and food events.  It’s a great place to experience new food, wine and new friendships!

–Marie Griffin, Wine Supervisor, North/West Florida

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