Football! Bring on the (party) food!

Last week, Ken posted his choices for this year’s big game menu. If you aren’t into theming your food for the teams, but you want something more than chips-n-dip, how about a build-your-own-sub bar? Sub sandwiches are pretty basic party food—they’re filling, tasty, and easy to do. Make sure you’ve got two or three choices in everything, take them out of their original packaging (including the napkins and toothpicks), and to each his or her own.

You can take your party up several levels from “come over for the game” just by taking the deli/sandwich fixings out of their original containers. You’re going to have to run the dishwasher later anyway, right? So start with a big platter or bowl and toss the sub rolls into it. And when you buy them, get two or three kinds to allow for all tastes.

If you have a sandwich press, plug it in and provide the fixings for Cubans or cheesesteaks just for the fun of it.

Mayo, mustard. Two kinds of each (the salad dressing kind and straight mayo, and both yellow and brown mustard), and maybe some horseradish sauce.

Because you love your friends and family and want them to be healthy, don’t forget the veggies—besides, they really make the sandwich. Don’t slice the tomatoes until just before game time, and make sure they’re at room temp (cuts down on the cold, mushy non-taste of them); a couple types of lettuce, or even grab a bag of salad leaves—baby field greens, romaine, whatever, the already washed and torn apart stuff—it’s easy to add and adds a little flavor. Slice up an avocado, too, maybe an onion.

Cheese: You know what you like. Get that. If you know what your friends like, get some of that too. If you don’t care about the cost, get it already sliced at the deli and then get one more besides, just for variety. Remember to take them out of their plastic bags and put them on a plate for serving.

Meat: unless you’re shopping ten minutes before party time, you might go for rare on the roast beef. It’ll hold up better to being in the refrigerator for a bit without drying out. Turkey, ham, maybe some Genoa salami. Go for the deli if possible—the meats will taste better on the sandwiches. Don’t bother getting into the rolling and toothpicking of them—just slide them out onto a big platter. Keep the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot.

Miscellaneous: pickles, sweet and dill. Green chilis and jalapenos, if someone who likes them will be there.

Let the game begin!

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