The Old Speckled Hen

Guest blogger Adam Shugan is an associate at our Archer Road, Gainesville, store.

Old speckled hen The beer of the day is the United Kingdom brew by Greene King/Morland Brewery called “Old Speckled Hen.” It was first brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. It got its name from a car MG produced called a Featherweight Fabric Saloon.  It was parked in front of the factory’s paint shop where it received the nickname (in perfect British slang) ‘Auld Speckl’d Un’. This turned into “Old Speckled Hen” when the beer was unveiled.  The wily fox, always on the hunt for a hen, is the beer’s mascot.  This is a deliciously complex beer with hints of toffee and biscuit notes.  This is a true English Pale Ale with a heart of gold.  Look for it in a bottle or in a 16oz nitro-can for a creamier version.

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