Wines for the weekend: some alternatives

La Cappucina Soave

As the warmer weather is here, I think wine consumers are looking for alternatives to Pinot Grigios to sip around the pool or at backyard BBQ’s.  I love Italian whites as they have so many white varietals that most people have not yet experienced. In Verona, the Soave region and the grapes Garganega and Trebbiano are king.  Where most white varietals like Pinot Grigio are not supposed to look green and yellow (unless they are heat damaged) Garganega and Trebbiano are known for their beautiful greenish and yellow hue.

The Tessari Family is a fourth generation winemaking family from that region, since 1890. They produce my favorite Soaves sold at ABC Fine Wines and Spirits. The La Cappucina Soave is 100% Garganega with flavors of apple, lemon and that traditional almond aftertaste. It is very light, very crisp and very refreshing. La Cappucina also produces their Soave Fontego which is 90% Gargenega and 10 % Trebbiano di Soave (Trebbiano is the same grape used to make balsamic vinegar). I personally prefer the Fontego because I think it has more fresh fruits on the aromas. I smell a bouquet of fresh apples and the taste is a little bit more complex.


La Cappucina also produces a really light red bordeaux blend from Verona that is the perfect red for an outdoor BBQ. The Madego is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Each of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. It has a lot of fruit on the mid palate and that traditional roasted bell pepper characteristic on the finish from Cabernet Franc.

Guest blogger Larry “The Wine Guy” Baker is the wine consultant at our Pembroke Pines store. He also reviews wines at

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