I’ve always been a fan of old movies.  Recently, I watched a 50+ year old movie, “The Sound of Music”, probably for the tenth time!  I looked up the actual story about the Von Trapp family, who later settled in Stowe, Vermont, on a farm with a beautiful mountain background, reminiscent of their beloved Austria.

They welcomed guests to a rustic 27 room home/lodge in the summer of 1950.  In 1980 they had a devastating fire, so they replaced it with a 96 room Alpine lodge.  The property is still owned and operated by the von Trapp family.

So why would I be writing about all this?  In my research, I found  the von Trapps serve one of my favorite wines as their “house wine” at the “lodge”.  HOPLER PINOT BLANC !

Many people I talk to about wine have never had interest in Austrian wines and maybe this will spark an interest in some of them to try it.

Pinot Blanc, also known as Weissburgunder, is elegant, clean and crisp with a surprising amount of fruit up front, but truly dry, with a rich, well-balanced mouthfeel.

Give it a try with shrimp!

Marie, Wine Supervisor, North/West Coast Florida

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