Sharing Memorable Wines

Well it’s the day after Christmas, and if you’re anything like me this day is always a little melancholy. I’m not exactly sure why- the holidays coming to a close? No more Xmas music? John Lennon asking,”so what have you done?” Whatever the reason, I’ve always found a surefire way to snap out of it is to start planning my New Year’s party.

This year the party is at my house and you’re all invited. I will prepare the food, so if you plan on attending please bring the wine. Remember that New Year’s Eve is not just about toasting with a glass of Champagne at midnight. This is a holiday to celebrate your accomplishments and reward your hard work in 2011. If 2012 can’t come soon enough then embrace the future. Set the precedent that the coming year is going to be a prosperous, healthy year for you and your family. And what better way to do this than to share some memorable wines with me?

If your wine cellar doesn’t have anything that would qualify as a memorable wine, don’t worry. Our stores are chock full of highly rated, hard to get wines that are sure to impress me. Stop in and speak with your local wine consultant. Most of them know my tastes and will be happy to find something that fits your budget.

As a follow up to my previous blog, “All I want for Christmas,” I would like to thank all my readers that gave me a Christmas present.  While I may have slightly over estimated how many readers I have, almost everyone that did give me a bottle of wine followed my suggestions perfectly.

And for the one reader who bought my present while picking up the weekly groceries, I’ve decided not to re-gift your present. I thought it would be better if I had you over for dinner and we could drink the wine together. I’m just not sure what to serve with it: IMG_0517

the turkey & giblets dinner, or


the ocean whitefish dinner.

You decide.

Paul Quaglini

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