Springtime in Italy

The arrival of Spring conjures up different thoughts from different people depending on your personal perspective. In South Florida I associate the coming of Spring with snow birds heading back north, college kids enjoying the ritual of spring break, and the start of months of hot, sticky weather.

As a lover of Italian wine, springtime also signals the opportunity to attend one of the worlds most important exhibitions of wine and spirits; Vinitaly. While early Spring is not the best time to visit Northern Italy as a tourist, [it can be cold and rainy], for wine professionals there is no better place to be. Four thousand exhibitors from sixty countries will be showcasing their best wines for the world to judge and perhaps buy. From Sunday, March 25th to Wednesday March 28th, I will be attending tastings, visiting producers we already do business with and searching for new, exciting wines to bring back to our stores.

Stay tuned as I will be making my first attempt at Tweeting from overseas. My blog goddess assures me there is nothing to it as long as you keep your phone charged. Follow me from Vinitaly @abcwinepaulq

New Image
A few of the great Italian producers I plan on visiting next week at Vinitaly. Starting from the left, Alberto Passeri of La Gerla, Lara Pradal of Collalto, me in the background, Gregory Perrucci of Racemi, Giovanna Tantini of Giovanna Tantini winery, Alessandro Boido of Ca d’Gal, Gregory’s daughter huging our favorite importer, Nadia Galati, Antonio Giorgi of Giorgi winery and Nicolas Caramelli of La Ripa.

Paul Quaglini

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