Margate Tour du Vin ’12

Earlier this month, nine members of the ABCFWS wine team spent several days in France on a promotional trip hosted by Jonathan Shiekman of Margate Wines & Spirits.  Highlights included winery visits in the Rhone and Burgundy plus an extra day in Paris.  It was simply phenomenal.

A special thanks to Jonathan and Jean-Claude Poisson for organizing a memorable tour.  I would also like to sincerely thank my travelling colleagues: Ken Amendola, Shayne Hebert, Cindy Michaels, Mike Kelley, Andrew Carmody, Larry Baker, Dave Malone, and especially Brad Lewis.  Thank you all for making it an unforgettable experience.   I look forward to the next time we can enjoy a glass of wine together in wine country.

– Jim Greeley, WS SWFL

Ken, Cindy, Shayne in Marseille ABCFWS Wine Team Margate France '12

Andrew Carmody and Mike Kelley Brad Lewis with Crystelle & Thierry Pillot

Dave Malone & Brad Lewis in Vosne Romanee Jean Claude Poisson, Yves Cheron, Jon Shiekman

Ken Amendola in Vosne Romanee Larry Baker in Marseille

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