“New” New Smyrna Beach Store

Freshly paved parking lot, freshly painted walls, freshly hung banners… our newest ABC location at 2360 SR 44 in New Smyrna Beach is now open and ready for your arrival. Wine Consultant Edward Vega (Vega) explains that this location, compared to the previous New Smyrna Beach store, is “a lot
PhotoWe have the wine machines here to give samples to customers, expanded beer and wine selections, and we’re located on a busier, main road now.”  Vega has been a Wine Consultant with ABC for two years now, and he’s very pleased about having more room to work in the new space.

This store opened on October 29th, but already they’ve doubled their expected sales and have received extremely positive feedback, especially about the wine stations. One customer, who was leaving the cigar box with a couple of stogies in hand, told us that the store is “unbelievable.  I like it better.  I wasn’t expecting anything like this… there are many more wines and beers.  It’s nice.” Wondering what he was buying? We were, too.  In his hand were two Rocky Patel Gladiator cigars, cigars made especially for ABC.

Aside from the vast change in size and selection, customers will be pleased to notice small details throughout. “Another thing that’s different about this store than the other new ones,” Vega explained, “is that we have a big selection of organic wines.” There are also end-cap displays
designed for ease of shopping and a bigger selection of gourmet foods and party supplies!

So next time you’re in the New Smyrna Beach area, stop by the SR 44 location.  Why not make it
November 15 for the grand opening and wine tasting?  You won’t be disappointed.

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