It’s That Time of Year!

This time every year I am reminded to put in an order for ABC’s yearly allotment of Gluhwein. What
Gluhweinexactly is it? Gluhwein is a hot spiced wine also known as mulled wine. It consists of wine and spices
heated to just below boiling point before drinking.

It’s reminiscent of the European Christmas and Austrian ski holidays.  It’s a tasty drink that warms the body in cold weather and a popular treat at parties!

The roots of Gluhwein go back to Roman times where the recipe was found in a book by a Roman citizen. Nowadays, it’s a very famous hot drink in Germany during the 4 to 5 days before Christmas. It’s served in all the Christmas markets in all cities.  Last year, about 50 million litres were consumed in Germany alone!

There will be limited quantities of Valckenberg Gluhwein at select ABC stores in Florida.

Keep the ancient tradition alive!

Marie Griffin, Wine Supervisor ABC Fine Wine & Spirits,  North-west Florida

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