The holidays are over–now what?

It’s time to leave the holidays behind and start looking ahead to spring and summer.  All that wonderful food and drink we’ve had to help us celebrate the holidays may have taken its toll on some of us!  Many folks I’ve talked to are tightening their belts and seriously get down to losing those “few” pounds they put on.  (Great for a New Year’s resolution.)

While browsing the web I came across a “wine lovers’ diet,” a plan conceived by a cardiologist (and wine collector), Dr. Tedd Goldfinger.  His plan focuses on healthy, rather than restricted, eating.  Simply exchange harmful simple sugars, carbohydrates and high fructose corn syrup for vegetables, legumes and grains.  Always go for natural and satisfying!  Be sure one meal a day is accompanied by a small glass of wine, which contains bioactive pigment tannins and antioxidants found in grape skins.

The “Sonoma DWine & veggies photoiet” also recommends a glass of wine should accompany one meal a day, as do the “California Wine Country Diet” and “Wine and Food Lovers Diet”!

Some serious attention will be paid by myself regarding these publications.  After all…we deserve to be “HAPPY” as well as “HEALTHY” in 2013!

Marie Griffin, NW Florida Wine Supervisor

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