A Friend Always


Congratulations on your retirement, Marie!

As a person goes through their life they meet many, many people along the way and most of these are quickly met and then, just as quickly, forgotten. You go through any number of different jobs as the years go by and strike up acquaintanceships with innumerable co-workers. Well, one of my co-workers has moved on to a greener vineyard this past Friday, and I of course hope for her and her family all the best.

Marie Griffin was one of a unique group of individuals that make up the team of Wine Supervisors here at ABC. An eclectic bunch they are, but through all that was one constant…Marie. I have always had a special appreciation for her, for she was someone who I have regarded as both my dear friend and mentor. When I first began my career with ABC, it was Marie who took me under her wing and helped me through the many early growing pains that a new profession can provide. When I had a question, her door was always open, but even more importantly she would always be one to listen.

As the saying goes “she never met a stranger.” Well that certainly describes Marie. One of the truly nice
people in the world, Marie had more smiles to share than anyone I know, and her presence will be sorely missed in mine and many others lives. So even though our paths will most definitely cross in the future, it will never be quite the same.

Thank you Marie for all the laughs, lessons and lovely moments that we all shared together. All the best to
you and Charles as you get to enjoy all the great times ahead, my friend.

Ken Amendola, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Wine Supervisor

Follow him on Twitter @abcwinekena

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