Beer + Arts & Crafts = Fun (and moderately useful items)

For my first blog I felt the need to begin with a simple DIY article for creating bottle cap magnets, as the holiday season rapidly approaches. I first made these around a year ago and have continued ever since. Simple and requiring minimal investment, these easy-to-make gifts are perfect for individuals with whom you are familiar. Let’s be honest:  In the constant surveying of craft beers from near and far we find these unique/awesome/gorgeous caps that we inevitably hang on to. So why not put a few to good use? All you need are bottle caps, a hot glue gun (though I am sure some other adhesive would suffice), and some scraps of corkboard or a decently thick piece of cardboard.

  1. Cut corkboard/cardboard/etc. into smaller pieces to create enough height with the magnet that it raises out of the bottle cap. This will prevent scratching the refrigerator when the magnet is sliding around.
  2. Glue each layer into the bottle cap until desired height is reached (for magic hat caps with fun sayings, no layers are necessary; simply glue the magnet to the outside of the bottle cap).
  3. Hot glue the magnet into the bottle cap, applying pressure for 30 seconds.
  4. Running a ring of hot glue that fills in the space between the magnet and rim of the bottle cap will help ensure a longer life for each bottle cap magnet, as they are prone to be knocked down over the course of their use.
  5. Open a beer with a unique bottle cap and repeat steps 1- 4.

Bottle cap magnets

Another fantastic aspect of these easy-to-make items is that you can apply knowledge of friends and family into the equation, making them a little more personal. Even if said individual is not a purveyor of craft beers, they can appreciate the art behind them. For example, knowing a certain individual's humor style and geographical local, I had a few ideas for bottle caps that would be perfect. I made a Left Hand Brewing magnet, as well as a Palmetto Brewing Co. magnet which features the Palmetto state’s flag. These magnets and the others given to the rest of the family were greatly successful and is an item utilized on a daily basis. So give it a try, who knows what you can create with those unique bottle caps!

Bennett Clark, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant – Port Orange

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