Cheers to Happy Holidays!


KA Sparkling

It’s that time of year again!  It’s time to think up what to bring to your holiday parties, friends’ gatherings, family homecomings.  This year I’ve got two spectacular options for anyone who wants to make a great impression: Giorgi 1870 or Giorgi Platino, two great Pinot Nero wines for your celebration! Pinot Nero is Italian Pinot Noir but both these sparklers are white (Blanc de Noirs).

Giorgi Platino Brut.  100% Pinot Nero Spumante method Charmat in a beautiful silver painted bottle.  Bright straw yellow with greenish nuances. Fresh and delicate bouquet of fresh pears, apples and white peaches.  Good structure with a dry and soft palate.

“Very nice refreshing and crisp sparkling with citrus notes and a variety of pears from quince to barlett pear.  The fast and refined perlage indicate a high quality sparkling and the taste is full, distinctive and crisp.”  Chris Thompson (Alberello Imports)

Giorgi 1870 Gran Cuvee.  100% Pinot Nero Spumante Methode Champenoise. (Fermentation in bottle.) Intense straw yellow with golden nuances, bouquet of sage, mint, apricot, vanilla, with a dry, rich and long finish. (Tasting note).

I got a chance to taste both of these wines together and either way you go, you’re gonna have a good time.  I decided first to open the Platino, painted silver bottle, just from the first view, it’s a firework in a bottle (think New Year’s), …this wine is fresh, clean, with a hint of lemon and I can definitely taste the pears.  I would recommend buying at least two of these at a time, as one will not be enough for any celebration…

Next, I opened the 1870.  Have I mentioned the award it received in Italy?  Three glasses (tre bicchierl) from Gambero Rosso 2014.  This is the highest award given to wine from this publication (think Wine Spectator in Italy). This wine jumps from the glass and into the party without asking twice!  It has a nice toasty mouthfeel, with hints of vanilla and mint.

If you want something amazing for your holidays this year, come see anyone at ABC and ask about our Giorgi Pinot Nero.  I’d even recommend buying both!  I myself may need two more before the year is up…


Kathleen Anderson, Northwest Florida wine supervisor

Follow me on Twitter @abcwinekat.


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