What are you drinking New Year’s Eve?


Simple or sublime, that is the question. While researching this article, I came across a website that promised to give the top 13 drinks for celebrating the New Year. Problem was, every one of their drinks was ridiculously complicated, promising the bartender would spend more time at the bar than at the party.

Okay, so maybe you’re that person who loves bartending so much that this isn’t a hardship. I’d rather spend the time hanging out with old friends, myself.

So what’s on the menu at my house? Well, sparkling wine. LOTS of sparkling wine—along with fruit juices because the two are so easy to mix together (just remember to chill both and put the fruit juice in first so you don’t lose the bubbles). While you may want to include a bottle or two of Champagne for the toasting at midnight, sparkling wines are a lot friendlier to your wallet if you’re buying large quantities, and they’re every bit as friendly in mixed drinks. For a sweet alternative, try Ca d’Gal Asti.

Because sparkling wine doesn’t agree with everyone, though, you’re going to want some other options: red wines, white wines, maybe some rosés (because they’re so festive), and, of course, some spirits. If you have a good supply of mixers (ginger ale, club soda, tonic, cola, etc.), you can make this really simple: grab your favorite brand of vodka (you can mix it with all those fruit juices you bought to go with the sparkling wine), Canadian whiskey, bourbon, gin and / or Scotch (although, honestly, most gin drinkers are flexible enough to go with vodka). Throw a couple six packs of beer in the refrigerator, and you have become the hostess with the mostest. Or the host with the most. Or something. Better yet, get your party guests in on the action by having them bring the fixings for their favorite drink to share—you supply the mixers and the ice.

This will give you much more time to hang out with the party, rather than spending your time in the kitchen whipping up eggs for the wassail bowl.


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