Countdown to New Year’s Eve

O Champy Night

Trying to find a great bubbly this year?  Here is my New Year’s countdown for a special toast at midnight from ABC.  If you don’t believe me, just check out their reviews in Wine Spectator!

10. France: Haton NV Brut Rose: 91pt Wine Spectator

9. France: Haton NV Brut: 91pt Wine Spectator

8. France: Moutard Pere & Fils NV Brut Chardonnay Persin: 92pt Wine Spectator

7. France: Moutard Pere & Fils Cuvee des 6 Cepages 2006: 93pt Wine Spectator

6. Italy: Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta Satèn: 91pt Wine Spectator

5. Italy: Bellavista Brut Franciacorta: 90 pt Wine Spectator

The next two are also from Italy, but are brand new to the ABC family.  We know a bit about Giorgi and I did a blog on these two bottles, so I couldn’t leave them out of my top ten to celebrate with (and Wine Spectator doesn’t know what they are missing)

4. Italy: Giorgi 1870

3. Italy: Giorgi Platino Brut

2. US: Laetitia California Brut: 89pt Wine Spectator

1. US: Treveri Rose Sec Columbia Valley: 90pt Wine Spectator


Today I kept it simple, but now you have 10 new wines for your own countdown this week.  Choose one or more than one, either way you get a great bottle.


Kathleen Robinson-Anderson

Wine Supervisor NW Florida

Follow me on Twitter @abcwineKat

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