What do you plan to do this year?


It’s that time of year again…time to resolve to do this, that, or the other thing. If you’re going to resolve to drink more wine, though…well, that’s easy. Here are three easy resolutions to work on carrying out…and you’ll have fun (pretty much guaranteed) doing it.


1. Pick a new place to explore. Wine-wise, that is. Most wine regions have plenty of sub-regions to look into, unless you’re trying out, say, California’s Howell Mountain. That’s pretty specific. NOT undoable, but pretty specific. California as a whole, however…plenty to dig into and explore.

 2. Pick a new varietal to try (or explore). Malbec, for example. The difference between Argentina, California and France….wow. I won’t tell you which one I like best, though. Try them for yourself.

 3. Pick a winery. This may sound simple, but it could lead to interesting things. Check out a vertical of, say, some château or another. Dig out the various vintages and compare them. Or check out the breadth of wines a winery has…perhaps you start out with, oh, Maysara. Try each of their Pinot Noirs and compare them. Then maybe you end up branching out to another winery, comparing theirs, like the Block wines—what makes the Carneros different from the Russian River?

Either way, resolving to try new wines is fun…and because you’re not buying a bunch at one time (are you?), your explorations can go anywhere you like!


Happy New Year!



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