Camacho Triple Maduro



It's review time again and what I have selected for today is as unique as it is strong. The Camacho Triple Maduro is an all Maduro leaf power stick, that provides plenty of deep rich flavor to go along with its Honduran mule-kick to your senses.

I chose to tackle this monster at breakfast and I was prepared for the worst. I had my John Wayne coffee cup for inspiration.

So what is the secret to this powerful but delicious cigar? Well, we should start with its origins. Not to be confusing, but since Camacho was purchased from the Eroia family by Davidoff, many of the blends have been changed. Originally all of the tobacco in the Triple Maduro came from Jamastran, Honduras, which should tell you all you need to know. I have stated many times that if there is any place on the planet that closely mimics the terroir of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba, then it is Jamastran.

Davidoff dialed things back a bit by replacing the Honduran Habano wrapper with a San Andres Negra, and adding some tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Brazil to the filler. There is still Honduran strength and flavor, but it’s definitely not the monster it was when it was a Jamastran puro.

The first couple puffs gave me some sweet flavors of cocoa incorporated with some nice cedar and earthy notes. There is some mild pepper in the flavor, but the predominant taste is that of dark and rich tobacco.


As I smoked the cigar towards the halfway point, the chocolate flavors blended perfectly with those of coffee. It reminded me of dark chocolate covered espresso beans. If you have never munched on a handful of those things then you truly haven't lived.

I absolutely love the taste of this cigar. There isn't a lot of subtleness to it and I wouldn't classify the cigar as complex. If you like coffee and dark chocolate then you will enjoy this cigar.

I do appreciate the fact that the strength has been dialed back from super full-bodied to a nice medium to full. This greatly increases the number of people who won't be scared away from trying a Camacho Triple Maduro.

This is an excellent addition to our humidors at ABC and I know it will be welcome in yours as well.

Chris Gwaltney, ABC regional manager and certified tobacconist

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