Under the Bridge


Say “hello!”  to one of the newest wines we will be carrying at ABC…OS 16th St Bridge. Very excited about this one because, honestly, who could say no to a Cab Franc predominant wine for under $20? I know I can’t! Cabernet Franc is one of my favorite “underdog” grapes.  I say that because in France it’s used in Bordeaux blending but doesn’t ever get a chance to stand on its own. Now, take that same underrated grape, plant it in Washington State, and watch the beauty flourish!  Lucky for me, OS Winery has taken this blending grape and run with it.  The latest incarnation for my adored Cabernet Franc is OS 16th St Bridge, Columbia Valley, Washington, and it makes me VERY happy.  All the things I love about Cab Franc come out in OS’ signature style. Cab Franc is very particular in smell, almost like a spicy perfume as it opens, with flavors of Bing cherry, and -I‘ve got to say it- pink peppercorn.  If you ever have a chance to bite into a singular kernel of the pink stuff you’ll realize it’s softer than black pepper, and has a similar feel to a solo grape.

Here’s what Great Northwest Wines had to say about it:

“Rob Sullivan and his daughter, Peggy, recently launched this label as a tribute to the historic South Park Bridge that was closed for several years. This release is devoted to Cabernet Franc (79%) and supported by Cabernet Sauvignon (11%) and Merlot from acclaimed vineyards such as Champoux, Elephant Mountain, Sheridan and Two Blondes. Cab Francophiles will embrace this for its aromas and flavors of Bing cherry, red currant, bell pepper, oregano and thyme. It carries a lighter body with graphite-like tannin and violets in the finish, and the responsible profile of lower alcohol lends this to suggested servings with Italian-themed pastas, Cajun dishes, grilled chicken, roasted pork and white cheeses.”

They (Great Northwest Wines) gave this wine an excellent rating and so do I. My favorite expression of this wine came straight from the website:

“With great acid and tannins for structure, the Bridge spans across your palette with dark cherry flavors, then opens in the mid-palette to bright red fruit and smokiness, finishing of raspberry and vanilla complete the journey, yearning for another trip across the Bridge.”

I think it’s time you took your trip!

Kathleen Anderson, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits North/West Florida Wine Supervisor

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