The Weekday Wine-down: 2 Reds Under $10

My wine collection is consistent in that they are all reds, but the price points they bear are a bit all over the place—as are the actual bottles. I have created my own little wine organization system. The wall rack is for display – you know, the high-end stuff that makes one look like a wine connoisseur. Those come off the rack only if I’m entertaining a true wine enthusiast or if my second and third storage options are empty. The second tier storage is a more of a traditional wine rack. You can’t really see what’s in there so I use it to store extra wines. But since I really love wine, it rarely contains bottles and is used mainly for decorative purposes. Finally, my little wine fridge is home to my weekday wines.

First, let me say I have no problem spending money on a good wine, whether it’s just for me or shared with friends. However, when one loves wine as much as I do, uncorking a $40+ bottle of wine simply because it’s Tuesday isn’t very budget-friendly. So I set out to find the best wines ABC has to offer under $10. Here are two that you could pick up and try today:

Playtime RedPlaytime Red – It’s a red blend, which isn’t something I typically prefer. In fact, I usually put red blends in the “not for me” category without ever trying them. I was introduced to Playtime by Mike, one of ABC’s wine consultants. He said, “It’s $8.99 and better than some of my $60 wines.” That got my attention. So I bought a bottle. And have since bought many more. It’s my No. 1 go-to wine and I’ll serve it to anyone. Another bonus is the pin-up style label. While my husband isn’t a fan of wine, he is a fan of pin-ups so he always recognizes the label and never comes home from ABC without a bottle.

Hayes Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon – Retails for $10.99 and is often on sale for $8.99. IHayes Rancht’s a very nice, light Cabernet that pairs well with most any food or is great all by itself. Plus its screw-cap makes it easily accessible, so if you camp, travel or just have a need to quickly get into your wine, this one’s a great choice. The winery describes it best:  “Flavors of red cherry and anise, with a hint of vanilla, about in this Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is well-balanced, with medium tannin, a smooth mid-palate and a spicy, coffee finish.”

Lisa Bowes, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Marketing Team

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