New Beerginnings


You’ve probably seen many cigar and beverage pairings on this blog over the last few years. The toughest part about writing these blogs is doing the research. Yes, it’s tedious work. Whether you are sipping bourbon, scotch, or a delicious beer while smoking on a cigar, it can be really tough getting through all those libations. Ha! Who am I kidding? I’m sorry, I can’t keep this going. If you could see me now I’m laughing as I type these lies.

Actually, I have been told that I have the greatest gig in the world. If that were not true a few weeks ago, it certainly is now. Most of my career at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has been as a regional manager with a “minor in cigar responsibility”. Last week I was given the great news that my (new) sole mission at ABC would be to grow the premium cigar and craft beer categories. ABC has come such a long way in the last few years and we feel that now is time for us to continue that growth, in order to directly improve our guest’s experience when it comes to these wonderful items.

FullSizeRender (2)

Yes, this means that I will have to smoke more cigars and drink more beer. It is a sacrifice that I am willing to make for the betterment of all mankind. Sorry, there I go again. I am also excited that I have a partner-in-crime with this new adventure that I am embarking on. Steve Mungeer, fellow brother of the leaf and Certified Tobacconist, will be performing the same duties in the southern half of the state. We will do everything we can to make sure that our humidors and craft beer sections are stocked with great products, merchandised properly, and managed by an educated and confident sales force.

IMG_9355 (2)

It is certainly an honor to work for such a great company like ABC. Everywhere I go I get bombarded with compliments about how friendly and knowledgeable our team members are and how wonderful our selection is. These things will only improve over the next months and ultimately years. Even if Steve and I have to smoke a million cigars and drink a million beers, we will do everything we can to fulfill our commitment to you.

Chris Gwaltney, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits TU Certified Tobacconist & Cicerone Server, Category Manager: Premium Cigars and Craft Beer

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