Cigars in the Wild: Nicaraguan Safari

I will be heading down to Nicaragua this Wednesday and if you follow this blog, you can accompany me on my trip. No need for a passport, just check in here each day as I will post our adventures daily. We will be taking part in the Drew Estate Cigar Safari. It’s my first time. I have visited Nicaragua in the past but because of bad timing or other commitments, I have missed out on this one.

To say that I am super excited would be an understatement considering that Drew makes several of my absolute favorite cigars; the Liga 9 and the T-52. I loved their “now-extinct” Feral Flying Pig line so much that I created a shrine to it in my house. Yes, I know that sounds pathetic but I don’t think one can ever go wrong with bringing winged pigs into the interior decorating equation.


So what exactly can you expect to read about next week as we smoke and drink our way through the jungle of Nicaragua? Well, I guarantee a lot of useful knowledge. I have been on many cigar trips to multiple cigar producing nations and I always learn something new each trip. There is something about being in the factories and the tobacco fields that makes the cigars taste even better. It’s also great just to be able to smoke cigars in public, restaurants, bars, on the streets, and yes even in church.

Another plus of going on this trip is getting another chance to blend a cigar. This has to be my favorite part of any cigar trip, mixing all the different flavors and getting that perfect taste profile you are looking for. I do enjoy bunching and rolling cigars myself though I am not sad that rolling isn’t on the agenda. I am also sure the folks at the factory are happy too. I usually destroy two or three wrapper leaves for every cigar I actually complete.


We will also visit their factories and their tobacco farms. We are going at a good time of year as we should be able to see tobacco in all of its phases. From seedling to cigar, it is certainly an amazing journey and I never get tired of seeing it.

Starting next Wednesday, March 4th, you can come back here for live updates from Drew Estate. I will also be tweeting throughout the trip. So make sure you join me next week in Nicaragua, right from home.

Chris Gwaltney, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits TU Certified Tobacconist & Cicerone Server, Category Manager: Premium Cigars and Craft Beer

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