Upper 80s = Rosé choices


Can it already be time for chilled wine?! I know we live in Florida, and the weather here is tropical, but c’mon, it’s only March and the temperatures are getting into the 80’s.  I guess that’s why I am, along with many others, turning to rosé.  I drink red wine, there are no two ways about that, but 80+ degrees in the daytime means I’ve gotta come up with something else!  I’m not ready to give up my reds and I don’t want to run up my electric bill by making it snow in my house, so I split the difference.  In my fridge I keep a few rosés from around the world to refresh my palate on these warm nights.

The first thing you should know when choosing rosé is that they differ in grape composition and sugar content. Pink does not mean sweet all of the time! rose2The grapes used can be as light as Pinot Noir to as dark as Tannat.  Also, rosé comes from all over the world and varies in price from under $10 to over $40.  You may have to buy a few to see what you prefer, but, if you head over to your nearest ABC, you can always talk with a wine consultant.  Use code words like cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, lilac, or violet.  Sometimes the color will help you decide what to try (color can vary from pale pink to dark salmon.)

If you are checking out these wines for the first time, go with something easy. Domaine de Pellehaut Rosé ($10) grapes are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Tannat, with a flavor profile of strawberries and violet.  You’re not breaking the bank, and you have a great wine to cool down the heat. Rose Blog (2)Then again, if you’re a rosé pro, I’d suggest Château de Pibarnon Rosé $(27). It maintains a rose petal bouquet, flavors of strawberry, and a mineral finish; it is a voluptuous rosé to pair with a tepid Floridian night.  Any way you look at it, Florida and rosé go hand in hand…come check it out for yourself and find where you fit on the rosé scale!

Kathleen Anderson, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wine supervisor

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