Wine and Time Change

whitewineIt may not officially be Spring (that happens March 20th) but since we moved the clocks forward that’s a sign of Spring in my eyes. Spring, to many wine drinkers, means time to bring out the Rosés, which I do so love, but I’m talking about unique whites today. So let’s explore…

Everyone knows the three most popular whites are probably Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, but there is a whole world of different white wines out there. Quite possibly my most favorite varietal is Pinot Blanc. Both Oregon and Alsace produce some amazing wines with this grape. Pappas Pinot Blanc from Willamette Valley Oregon is a must try. With honeysuckle, apple and sweet corn aromas this hints at the flavors to come. Juicy and fruit forward, but still dry, this wine is a pleasant change and a great value.

Staying on the West Coast, let’s explore the world of white blends. From Lake County California comes a fabulous white blended with Viognier, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Citrus, pear and stone fruit hit the nose and follow through to the palate. Served nice and cold, this wine will blow your socks off!

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean over to Europe, let’s “taste” another favorite of mine. In Spain, the grape is called Albarino and in Portugal it is called Alvarinho. Try the Orballo Albarino which offers clean fruity fragrances with soft floral notes. Powerful flavors, good structure and well balanced acidity with maybe a hint of salt on the palate; a perfect match to seafood.

And lastly, another perfect seafood match and perfect spring sipping wine, Aragosta Vermentino from Italy. Easy to drink, slightly fruity with aromatic herbs and crisp acidity. This is an amazing value which means you can splurge on some expensive shellfish!seafoodwhitewine

So my friends, another blog comes to an end. Open up one of these fantastically different wines, sit back and watch the sun sets this spring. Enjoy!

Bill Knowles, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wine consultant

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