Irish Insurance: Staying Safe on St. Paddy’s Day

As we zoomed through the holidays this winter, it’s no surprise that Saint Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching. The salience of March 17th may be due (in part) to growing up in Savannah, GA; a city, whose social history is lubricated in alcohol, that takes St. Paddy’s celebrations very seriously.greenbee It is an absolutely fantastic experience to live if you have not. Yet, because I have courageously braved a Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day, I offer some rough guidelines to help insure an enjoyable and safe holiday experience (be it in Savannah or another city.)

  1. THINK: The first rule of anything is using your head. Have a plan, or at least a sketch, of where you’re going and where you need to be at the end of the night before imbibing on some fine craft beers (despite feeling lucid and wonderful, judgment is impaired once the drinking begins!)
  2. TRANSPORTATION: This one cannot be stressed enough. taxiPick a DD (who isn’t drinking any alcohol) or plan on a taxi/uber/lyft. It’s a holiday and the police are out to keep everyone safe so this typically means road blocks. Having a DD who has not consumed any alcohol is far easier than having your DD reason he/she has only “had a few”. Don’t risk it. The price of a taxi, while seemingly outrageous at times, pales in comparison to other consequences.
  3. DON’T RUSH: Pace yourself: It is a marathon not a 100-yard dash. While it is very easy to get caught up early in all the excitement, remember it is going to be a long day in the sun (weather dependent). Try spacing your drinks with a bottle of good old H2O, to stay hydrated and keep from getting ahead of yourself.
  4. USE A RESTROOM: While the alley may seem like an ingenious idea to pee, where you can’t be seen, in all likelihood that is the alcohol talking and you will be arrested. Waiting 5 minutes in line for the restroom > instant gratification + now having a red dot above your home address for the rest of your life. Simple decision when it is put in that light, right?green 3
  5. KEEP IT COOL: It is a very crowded day, people are inebriated, and just because someone bumps into you and loses their cool, doesn’t mean you have to lose yours. Be the bigger person, and be considerate of others, everyone is there to have a good time just like you so enjoy the holiday and support the local craft beer wherever it is you decide to visit!

Cheers, Bennett Clark, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant

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