Madiran – World’s Healthiest Wine

In early 20th century, changing opinions and medical research on alcohol and alcoholism were a set back for wine as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet; but opinions changed again in the past three decades due to increasing research suggesting that moderate wine consumption has many health benefits.

163207253Additionally, the most current studies now suggest that the antioxidant properties of red wine could be beneficial as prevention for cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, maintaining a healthy digestive system and lowering cholesterol.

Red wine contains chemical compounds called polyphenols; they play the key role in the health benefits of wine by acting as antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Grape skins have high concentration of polyphenols, in particular, one called procyanidin.

Procyanidins are essentially polymer chains of flavonoids; their effects on the human body include neutralizing oxidants and free radicals, depressing blood fat and inhibiting destruction of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body.

Studies show that regions of the world with the greatest longevity also correspond to those with the highest procyanidin flavonoids in their wines.

Of those “Blue Zones” of the world, the one with the absolute highest procyanidin content in its wines is the Madiran wine region in southwestern France. The wines here are made from the native Tannat grape and often blended with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Madiran wines also have the highest concentration of resveratrol, a type of a natural plant antibiotic. Resveratrol is part of the defense mechanism in grapevines, which fights against fungus and other diseases. Resveratrol is proven to be anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood-sugar lowering and other beneficial cardiovascular effects.

Montus and BouscasseThe best wines of Madiran come from Château Montus and Château Bouscassé, both under the ownership of Alain Brumont.

Alain Brumont makes the finest Tannat wines; four of them are currently available at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits; they are back in stock with new vintages.

Château Bouscassé 2009 has arrived in our warehouse and the 2007 Bouscassé ($19.99), a blend of 65% Tannat and 25% Cabernet Franc, is available in stores.

The 2009 Château Montus is also a recent arrival; a blend of 80% Tannnat and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, Château Montus is a tremendeous value priced at only $24.99.

The 2007 Bouscassé Vieilles Vignes ($42.99) is 100% Tannat from old vines and is only available in select stores as well as the 2002 Montus Prestige, also 100% Tannat. The 2002 Montus Prestige is the finest vintage of this wine ever made and is a steal at $49.99.

Drink to your health!

Atanas Nechkov, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Wine Supervisor

Follow me on Twitter @abcwineatanas

Source: French Scout

7 thoughts on “Madiran – World’s Healthiest Wine

  1. Jean-Claude Hermans says:

    One request I am writing a book on wine and health can I use your logo, (glass of wine with heart) for my front page? Love it very special. I love your article on Madiran wine, one of my favorite wine!

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