Break for spring: Day 1 of the renewal season


Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” Even though it’s the season for flowers, grass and even bunnies to be multiplying at an alarming rate, I think today, the first day of this splendid season, it’s crucial to slow down. Don’t think spring break, think break for spring.

Following Mr. William’s outline, we’ll regard an inaugural day like today as a party (because you should Always Be Celebrating). You could celebrate the first day of spring by beaching it up, exercising outside or cyberbullying your friends up North.

We went the picnic route and wrote up a mini menu paired with our favorite fresh wines.

wine-chalk-board (3)

Grill some Brie, drizzle some honey over it and plop some raspberries on top. With the Vouvray and its flavors of apple, pear and quince, subtle honey notes and medium body, the pairing was delightful and satiating… almost as satiating as lying in the breezy sunshine of the beach, but not quite. The refreshing acidity in the finish didn’t hurt too much either.SONY DSC

You could also enjoy Domaine Les Cantates Chignin Bergeron because its dry, full-bodied texture matches weight-to-weight with the velvety and milky cheese. Aromas and flavors of melon, citrus and hints of apricots echo the fig and complement the sweet honey. This wine is simply stunning.

Your mouth might now be watering for Domaine Zinck Gewürztraminer. It hails from the Alsatian vineyards in France, and is an off-dry wine with explosive aromas of rose petals that couple perfectly with the honey and figs. As perfect as Martha Stewart pre-insider trading.

Next, we dipped some succulent Plant City strawberriesSONY DSC in creamy white chocolate and rolled them in salty pretzels. We paired it with an ABC signature cocktail, Agave Kiss. The descriptive portion of this part of the meal is much shorter due to the extreme delight we experienced when eating and drinking said combo. It was everything spring should taste like.

Now go, make your own version of these things, and enjoy the suggestions! But please, whatever you do, make sure you stop, savor and smell spring in all its glory!

Allie Smallwood, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits marketing copywriter

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