Pairs Well With Bunny Ears

Happy EasterEvery Easter basket, big or small, must always include a chocolate bunny—it’s not an Easter basket without one, right? Throw in a few candy-filled eggs and a new pair of socks and you’re ready for Peter Cottontail to leave those baskets on the dining room table Saturday night. And while you’re almost required to present a perfect pastel basket for your kids to wake up to, we all know what you’re really waiting for:  bed time, otherwise known as the first chance you’ll have to sneak that taunting chocolate bunny out and nibble off those decadent ears.

The question, though, is what wine will you pour during the final celebration of the day?

With the most traditional bunny ears, milk chocolate, pour a glass of Pinot Noir. This lighter red has silky tannins that will blend well with the sweet, creaminess of the milk chocolate. Milk chocolate also pairs nicely with sparkling wine or even Champagne, especially if you have strawberries nearby. We suggest Block 509 with its aromas of raspberry and mocha.

Dark chocolate tends to be bit a bitter, calling for a juicy companion. Pair these bunny butts with a full-bodied Zinfandel like this one. Bogle’s black raspberry and jammy notes will compete with the bitterness of the chocolate, adding a hint of spice in the end to round out the pairing.

Ever hear the pairing rule of thumb “pair light with light”? Well it’s true with white chocolate too. Break out your Moscato d’Asti as you nibble this bunny, or try a rosé like this one. A rosé will bring nuances of strawberry to the pairing, while the effervescence of a light Moscato d’Asti, like Ca’ d’Gal Lumine, will tingle on your tongue with every bite.

For those of you stashing a peanut butter-filled bunny in your Easter baskets this year, have a bottle of port on hand. The richness of the creamy peanut butter and chocolate combo will be matched by the smooth body of Portal 6 Barrels Tawny Reserve. A complex bunny needs a complex wine.

Meghan Guarino, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits copywriter

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