Old Faithful

While some people are chasing down the next beer with the highest ABV, most IBUs, weirdest ingredients, or the “Holy Grail,” sometimes it’s nice to go back to where it all began. I call this your “go to beer” or “old faithful”.

The beer that can be found year-round and available almost anywhere. For many, this is the beer that takes you back to your happy place or maybe it is just one of your all-time favorites that only gets better every time you drink it. It is the beer that is perfect for mowing the yard, going to the beach, or a relaxing night at home. What is your all-time favorite beer? I am asked that question all the time by friends, co-workers, and guests. Many people assume it would be something rare or if they know me well think it would be a Terrapin product; everyone is always surprised when I tell them it is Bells Two Hearted Ale. Whether it comes in the bottle or in the can, Bells Two Hearted Ale is always reliable and yummy!

Bells Two Hearted Ale

7% ABV

“An American India Pale Ale with intense hop aroma and malt balance. Well-suited for adventurous trips anywhere.”

Unfiltered and unpasteurized. Pours to a beautiful golden amber color with a creamy head. You get some grapefruit on the nose. Perfectly balanced and crisp. Some pine and citrus flavors, not overly bitter. Very easy drinking.

Hops: Centennial from Pacific Northwest

Beer Advocate gives it a 95 rating and a 100 on Rate Beer.

Available year round in 4pk 16oz cans or 6pk 12oz bottles.

So, remember you don’t have to spend several dollars or travel hundreds of miles to find a great beer. You probably have one in your fridge right now. It’s not about the best rating or how limited the beer is, it’s all about what you like and that is all that matters!

Heather Rogers, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant

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