Canned Switch

Cans at Uinta Brewing Company

Cans at Uinta Brewing Company

Canned beer has a horrible reputation for being that fizzy yellow stuff cheaply packaged in an aluminum container that taints the beer with a metallic flavor. Well, things are changing. More and more craft breweries are opting for can packaging than bottle packaging for several reasons.

Some of the main reasons for change is that cans are less expensive and more portable. They weigh less, break less, stack better, take up less room and they have a longer shelf life. Cans make the commute from brewery to your fridge a lot easier. It is convenient, but does this mean that companies are willing to sacrifice the taste of a beer for the sake of easy travel? Not for brewers that like to sell their beer and drink it too.

The dilemma of the metallic taste in beer has been addressed with a polymer lining that prevents the beer from contacting the can. So there is no metallic taste to the beer whatsoever, unless the drinker is licking the can. If that is the case, pouring in a glass is still an option.

Cans also have a longer shelf life because they offer 100% protection from light (which can spoil the beer), as opposed to a brown bottle which can only offer up to 80% protection. Plus, cans have of better seal from oxygen exposure and hold in the carbonation longer.

Finally, beer is great companion for any outdoor activity like camping, hiking, fishing or going to the beach. Unfortunately, glass bottles are forbidden from any place that one may encounter rowdy activity with bare feet. Cans are more durable and less likely to break. Besides, with cans there is no need to remember a bottle opener. Any opposable thumb will do.

In short there are reasons to this can madness. Cans are moving in for portable convenience while better preserving the quality of the beer and it looks like they are here to stay.

Here are a few to check out before you pack your coolers for your next beach trip:

All Day IPA
Jai Alai
Smith & Forge Hard Cider
Orange Blossom Porter

Jamie Piastuch, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant – Merritt Island

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