Mixed up summer

It’s that time of year where all we can think about are pools, beaches, boats and relaxing with a cocktail in hand. Beer can play a starring role in your cocktail, so let’s take a closer look at mixology with beer. 

That’s right, beer cocktails. What you need to keep in mind when making a beer cocktail is that not all beer is good to mix. A good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t sound good saying it or if you can’t imagine putting the two together don’t! Think of things like chocolate and whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate. Raspberries and chocolate with whipped cream on top. Wow, sounds good right? Now think of two flavors you don’t like or can’t imagine together. Turns you off right? I am just recommending when starting out you stick with basics. After you have played around and gotten the hang of it then venture in to the exotic. Now on to some of my favorite mixes.

-Root beer floats

One bottle of hard root beer and one shot of whipped cream vodka. Easy and yummy!

-Chocolate covered raspberries

One bottle milkshake stout/chocolate stout and one shot of either raspberry vodka (if you like it less sweet or raspberry liqueur for more sweet)

-Extra Dark and Stormy

One bottle hard ginger beer, two shots of Cayman Reef Double Black Rum; pour over ice and enjoy.

-India Gin fizz with a twist

One bottle of IPA (I recommend one with a prominent citrus note to it) and one shot of gin. Pour gin in first and IPA second – pour down the side of the glass gently as to not lose all your bubbles. Gently mix the gin and beer so you don’t have to stir. Add a twist of lemon and enjoy. This can be served with or without ice.

I could go on and on with different recipes. But I don’t want to over whelm you. When in doubt give it a try. If you are nervous stop in and see me (or a beer consultant near you!) and they will help you mix up your summer with some beer mixology. I may even be able to help you customize the perfect drink to compliment your perfect celebration.

Heather Fassett, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant

Follow me on Twitter @ABCbeerHeatherF

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