State of the art humidor

HumiOur brand new humidor is not 100% finished and we still have to move all of our cigars into it, but I thought today would be a good opportunity to give you a preview of our new humidor at our distribution center. I use the word ‘preview’ because we will release a more detailed article once we are fully operational out of our new room but I just couldn’t wait to give everyone a quick look inside.

one of five humidification unitsFirst question is, why did we need a new humidor? The answer is quite simple; we have outgrown our old setup. While cigar sales continue to increase and our cigar selection with it, we needed more room. The new digs also gave us an opportunity to add some “state of the art” technology to our cigar storage facility.water purification unit

The room is 4,500 square feet of cedar lined, humidity and temperature control perfection. The humidification and air are controlled by one central computer. The water is 100% purified and contains no minerals, so much so that drinking it would not be a healthy option. The sensors in the room can detect minor changes in humidity and temperature and can quickly bring the room back to its desired levels.

Another cool addition is that of an airlock. Airlock doorOne of the biggest issues in maintaining constant humidity and temperature is having to open the doors to bring in the product from the loading dock. This problem has been alleviated with the installation of an airlock. An outer door is opened and a pallet of cigars is then loaded into a small room. The outer door is then closed and a second interior door opened, allowing the pallet to now be placed inside the humidor. This ensures that the humidity is always at a stable and consistent level.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, it allows us to place the product immediately into the proper storage conditions. It’s a way for us to ensure that our guests will only get fresh cigars. We have worked really hard to establish ourselves as respected tobacconist and this is just another step in that direction.

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