Egg Day

Happy Egg Day!


Eggs in cocktails are kind of like cheese in macaroni. It’s richer, with added texture and fullness, and it just plain tastes better! 

Here’s an awesome recipe for a Whiskey Sour, elevated with some fresh basil.


Luxurious, silky and steeped in tradition, you can almost smell the paneled den and leather in a whiskey sour. An egg white, well shaken in the mix, creates the uniquely rich mouthfeel of this classic, but we put a modern spin on it with a touch of basil.

This one never fails to impress, but measure carefully. Balance is critical.


Mixing glass
Boston shaker
Cutting board
Hawthorne strainer
Rocks glass


Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky
Simple syrup
Egg white

Instructions: Start by separating the egg into the mixing glass. (You’ll do this first in case you get yolk or shell in the mix; better to start over before you invest the whisky.) Measure and add 2 oz Grant’s Whisky. Cut your lemon in half, measuring ¾ oz as you squeeze; add this. Add ¾ oz simple syrup as well. Finally, drop 4-6 leaves of basil in.

Pack your mixing glass with ice and pop the tin on top. Shake very well—a little longer and harder than the usual 30 seconds. You want to get that egg nice and foamy.

Add fresh ice to your rocks glass. Then, using a Hawthorne strainer, pour the cocktail over the ice. Take one last basil leaf in the palm of your hand and give it a brisk spank to release the oils. Drape it on top of your whiskey sour. Cheers!

Watch the video here!

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