The Spirit of America

Bald eagles, apple pies, baseball games—it can’t get any more American than that. Unless we’re talking liquor. Did you know the official national spirit of the US is bourbon whiskey? Major thanks to Kentucky for producing around 97% of the world’s supply. Whisky splash

In 1964, Congress dictated that bourbon was “distinctive” to the US, leading the American people to assume the spirit was now officially our national liquor. It wasn’t. So in 2007, a Kentucky senator realized the shocking mistake and pushed for a resolution to be passed. It was. Thus bourbon whiskey officially became the spirit of the United States of America. And lucky for us, there are holidays dedicated to bourbon, the soonest of which is this Sunday, June 14. Celebrate National Bourbon Day with a little American spirit. Check out a few of our favorites, then sign up for our Bourbon Lottery for your chance to win the opportunity to buy a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, William Larue Weller, Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet and so many more.

Walking StickWalking Stick Single Barrel Straight Bourbon

This sweet and spicy bourbon comes to us from Buffalo Trace and is luxurious and elegant on the palate with notes of pepper, nuances of tropical fruit and evident traces of rye, leather, oak and vanilla.

Knob Creek Smoked MapleKnob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

We know, we know, it’s a flavored bourbon. But before you breeze past, just imagine an extra surge of buttery maple flavor and smoked hickory nuances in every sweet sip of caramel-y, oak-y bourbon. It’s the bourbon drinking, breakfast lover’s dream. We suggest frying up some bacon to pair.

Maker's Mark 46Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon

Soft on the palate with lingering caramel notes throughout, Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon has bold, complex flavors and easy drinkability thanks to the French oak staves it matures in. This is the perfect sipping bourbon.

Woodford ReserveWoodford Reserve Bourbon

This classic bourbon is light, smooth, delicate and subtle. A silky finish rounds out a palate of vanilla, tobacco spice, dried fruit and cocoa. Make this one your everyday bourbon.

Are you ready for National Bourbon Day? What will you be drinking?

Meghan Guarino, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits copywriter

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