Father’s Day Made Easy

cigar blog 2One of the most forgotten and under-celebrated holidays of the year is next weekend. Of course, I’m talking about Father’s Day. Now before you start getting the idea that I am bitter and angry about the lack of emphasis on Dad’s Day, let me stop you before you begin. As with almost all fathers out there, I am perfectly fine with the lack of attention or fuss created over being a pop. As a matter of fact it is the way we expect it to be. With that said, if you are going to remember the old man who tossed the ball around with you in the backyard when you were knee high, then here are a few ideas.

I would be disengenous if I didn’t mention Brookstone. I know it has nothing to do with ABC but they should rename that place the Father’s Day store. Just like Pandora bracelets have done for Mother’s Day, Brookstone has simplified shopping for Dad. You can literally go into the store, close your eyes, point at an object, purchase that object and Dad will be cool with it. Whether it is a digital drink shaker or a drone, you’ll have picked a winner.

Another great gift for your “ol’ man” is cigars. We will have a lot of folks come in this week and venture into our humidors for the first time to get Dad that perfect cigar.

I’m certain that we will have something that will make Dad happy.

Consider our humidors the “Brookstone of tobacco.” I don’t advocate closing your eyes and guessing; instead ask for some assistance if you are unsure but I guarantee that you won’t find a bad cigar if you choose to pick blindly.

cigar blog

If Dad is a scotch drinker we have the perfect cigar gift idea and dare I say the smokes are free? With the purchase of a 750ml bottle of Aberlour 12 Year, you will receive a free Oliva five pack gift sampler. This isn’t just any gift sampler but one that contains $55 worth of sticks including a “new concept” cigar only available in this set. The set also comes with a Boveda humidification pack inside so they are guaranteed to remain fresh even if you don’t have a humidor at home.

We’ve made it simple for you in your quest for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Give him the gift of relaxation by purchasing him a premium cigar. After he opens his gift he may even give you the remote back while he goes out on the patio to enjoy his spoils of fatherhood.

Chris Gwaltney, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits category manager for premium cigars and craft beer

Follow me on Twitter @ABCcigarChris

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