Splash O’ Beer


There’s nothing more satisfying than cracking open your first cold beer to kick off a summer night. It’s crisp, it quenches your thirst and it’s convenient! Could there be more to the story, though?

The simplicity and efficiency of popping open and pouring your favorite brew in a tall, chilled pint is pretty obvious. But this summer why not splash in to something a little different… Beer Cocktails!

The up and coming mixology movement is spinning classics in a new way. Placing a new twist on a classic beer, the Ginger Shandy, takes two of our favorite summertime beverages (beer and lemonade!) and brings them together for a mouthwatering drink that will have you begging for more beer cocktails.

I started messing around with beers a few months ago when I found this drink. Could a cocktail really be that simple? Pour beer, pour lemonade, garnish and enjoy? Well I’m enjoying all the way to the beach.

There are two styles of beer cocktails to enjoy:

Style 1: Beer plus mixers

Much like my favorite Ginger Shandy, you can simply add a mixer or cordial to any beer of your choice. By enhancing the flavors of the already flavorful beer you’re reinventing traditional drink recipes.

The Lager-lada

1 bottle lager of your choice

Fresh lime juice

Hot pepper


Combine all ingredients and stir. Garnish with lime and enjoy!


Style 2: Combine two beers

Here’s where your classic black and tan comes into play. You can take two beers, both full of flavor, and play them off one another. The pale light ale brings out the sweetness to the bitter full-bodied stout.ThinkstockPhotos-496833823

Apple de-light

½ bottle of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider

½ bottle of light beer

Combine all ingredients in a glass and stir.

So this summer when you’re lying by the pool, before you sip from that aluminum can consider trying putting a little (read:big!) splash of beer in your favorite summer time beverage.

Click here to find an ABC near you that has all your beer cocktail needs!

Katie-Lynn Freeland, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits marketing assistant

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