Something New, Something Blu

Vermentino BluJust in time for the dog days of summer we have the introduction of a new wine from the Santa Maria La Palma winery. Anyone who follows me on Twitter or reads my blog knows I recently visited Santa Maria La Palma which is located on the northwest coast of Sardinia. Needless to say I fell in love with the captivating island. From the spectacular landscapes, rich history, wonderful food, warmhearted people and lip smacking wine… Well I just can’t wait to return! In the meantime however I’ll have to be content with my memories and an occasional glass or three of their wine.

Many of you are already familiar with Aragosta Vermentino, a crisp, light, refreshing white wine and Le Bombarde Cannonau, a warm spicy red with amazing health benefits. Arriving next week to our stores is Santa Maria La Palma Vermentino Blu.

You might be thinking, “Another Vermentino from the same winery?” Yes, Vermentino is one of the most important grapes of Sardinia. It grows in a number of Mediterranean locations including Provence, Liguria, Corsica and along the Tuscan coast in the Maremma region. In my humble opinion it is on the island of Sardinia where the best examples of Vermentino are found.

Having spent three days in Sardinia I was given the opportunity to taste a number of different versions of Vermentino. Traditionally Vermentino is a dry, crisp, unoaked style of wine, but Italians love to show their creative side. I encountered sparkling, sweet (made with passito grapes), and even oaked examples of Vermentino. Vermentino Blu is produced in the traditional style but with more concentration and intensity than Aragosta.

Mark your calendar because on July 11, 25 of our larger stores around the state will be sampling all three of Santa Maria La Palma’s wines! Stop in and see for yourself why I think these wines are just perfect for summertime. More details on this event will be coming soon.

Paul Quaglini, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wine & spirits supervisor

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