Beach Time Bargains

Bottle of beer on the beachEveryone loves to go to the beach, and here in Florida even if that beach trip is a “staycation,” we are spoiled with choice surrounded by beautiful beaches and majestic waves. In fact most of your favorite shores are within a few miles of an ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. The next time you’re gathering your gear, leave the refreshments to us!

Is craft beer is your thing? We’ve got you covered. We have an extensive selection of foreign and domestic beer–especially those brewed close to home in Florida. You may even be close to one of our stores that have a Brew Stop! These babies have up to 12 rotating craft beers available in 32-ounce growlers and you will soon see 64-ounce growlers to help you beat the heat.

Perhaps you’re over beer, and until someone invents a solar-powered portable self-cleaning blender, pina coladas are not an option. Maybe it’s time to try wine. Crisp white has been my choice so far this season. These wines have a smooth, clean finish and are incredibly refreshing; you’ll wonder what took you so long to get on board! A few of my favorites include:

550905Nadia Bianco: this is an organic white blend from Italy that consists mostly of Garganega with the rest being Sauvignon Blanc. Originally I called this the perfect pool wine, but recently Nadia Galati herself told me about tossing a slice of lime into the glass and “Tadah!” It took refreshing to a whole new level. Priced at $9.99, it is a beach time bargain not to be missed.

295105Chateau  Martinon: Ah…. Bordeaux Blanc what a pal you are! This wine is a blend of mostly Sémillon and the rest, again, is Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is unoaked to maintain the freshness of the fruit. The Martinon has a texture that I really enjoy.  It is medium-bodied with a balanced acidity on the finish that leaves you wanting another sip. Even though this wine is a steal priced at $11.99, it is solid enough to serve at any dinner, especially paired with fresh fish.

Linen Sauvignon Blanc: This wine was the most surprising to me out of the bunch. Because it is Sauvignon, I was expecting a very dry wine with a slightly tart finish and what I got was something amazing! In the front it presents almost like a Pinot Grigio. It has the mid palate weight of an unoaked Chardonnay and the finish of a superb Rhone blend–surprising indeed!  This wine comes to us out of Walla Walla, Washington, from Bergevin Lane Vineyards, is priced at only $12.99, usually scores 90 points, and goes really quickly. So don’t miss it!

Heather Burton, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wine & spirits supervisor

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