Shaking it up!

1-foleyI just returned from a few weeks in the Adirondacks, my annual vacation with my daughter, and although we usually pretty much follow the same blueprint every year, this trip was different. We missed out flight out, which was only the first of many moments which led us to change things up a little.

We took the train to NYC and spend a night there, so she was able to see the city and even try a real honest to goodness New York Style pizza. We had a nice steak on the train, along with a bottle of wine I brought with me, Domaine de Bila Haut Occultum Lapidem 2011, which was lovely. We arrived at my parents a few days late, but in place of it we had a great time getting there. There are not many good places to eat in Chilson Hill, none in fact, except at my parent’s house, and then, only when I do the cooking. We grilled some local buffalo steaks one night, and for Father’s Day we had some mega sirloin and a stellar 2010 Foley Pinot Noir.

Early the next week, I travelled up to the cabin we rent every summer to do a little fly fishing… happens that the cabin, near the village of Chateaugay, NY and only a mile from the border with Canada, was also very close (too close) to the town of Malone. If you have been following the exploits of the two escaped convicts from Clinton County Correctional Facility, you know they were on the loose (many thought) somewhere between Dannemora and Malone. The cabin they busted into – in Owl’s Head – is about 10 miles from our camp. I certainly did not plan to take my daughter there, but since the search at that point was focused near the Pennsylvania border, I decided to go. The place is heavily forested and has lots of thick growth at water’s edge, so needless to say it was nerve wracking hiking the river from the border upstream to cover the 3-4 miles of private water that we fish. My second day there, the first of the convicts was captured, and the day after I left they nailed the other fella. Not exactly how I envisioned that week to be!

1-haut serre

So after a delayed flight home, then the trek to get my truck back at the train station, we arrived home very late. I decided to celebrate the trip last night, not only the memories we made, but the new and different experiences we had and, well, surviving the trip at all! So last night I did something a little different too! Red meat and red wine is a staple at my house, but I grilled, rare, some venison steaks and opened something besides Bordeaux; the 2008 Chateau de Haut Serre Cahors, which was perfect, and a wonderful nightcap to the past two weeks of travel and trying things new.

Shayne Hebert, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wine and spirits supervisor

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