Organic Wine is on the Rise

VineyardsOnce upon a time if you were shopping for organic wine you could find popular brands like Bonterra and Frey but that’s where the selection stopped. As the interest and demand for organic wines increased we have continuously worked to expand our selection. Today you can find great quality, organically produced wines from almost every corner of the world on our shelves.

The subject of what constitutes an organic wine is a labyrinth of laws and regulations that are different for every country. What is and what is not organic remains a confusing subject for consumers. In the simplest terms, an organic wine comes from vineyards that avoid using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. There is plenty of coma-inducing reading available online if you are interested in the details, but in this short blog I’ll just stick to the wine.One of our favorite producers of organic wine is the Tessari family, owners of the La Cappuccina Estate. La Cappuccina is located in the hills of the Veneto region in northern Italy. More specifically it is located in the Soave region just to the northeast of Verona. La Cappuccina’s award-winning Soave and Pinot Grigio have become some of the most popular organic wines we sell. I believe most guests come back to purchase these wines not because they are organic but because they are well made, tasty wines that bring enjoyment to any occasion.

Campo BuriIn addition to the white wines siblings Sisto, Pietro and Elena also produce outstanding red wines. Most of our guests are already familiar with Madego, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Now available in our stores is our newest organic offering, Campo Buri. The name “Campo Buri” means field of the Buri family, the former owners of this vineyard. Campo Buri is a blend of two unique grapes, Carmenere (a clone of Cabernet Franc) and the indigenous Oseleta. The result is a juicy wine full of ripe berry fruits accompanied by spicy notes of pepper, cloves and vanilla.

Looking for a delicious wine tonight that happens to also be made with 100% organic grapes? Try something from La Cappuccina, you won’t be disappointed.

Paul Quaglini, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wine and spirits supervisor

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