Craft Beer Cupcakes

ThinkstockPhotos-461897763Some of you might know that I love cooking. But I love cooking with beer even more. So when my husband suggested a 21st birthday party for my stepson where the cake was made with beer, I got excited. The only problem was I made beer cake before and I wanted something just a little bit different. So with the idea in mind I started looking and what I came up with is beer cupcakes! I could make several different kinds and have some fun experimenting with flavors as well as enthralling all types of taste buds. I started hunting the internet for the perfect recipes. I finally settled on 6 different cupcake flavors:

Apple beer cupcakes

Raspberry Frambois cupcakes

Wittikerke cupcakes

Hard Root beer cupcakes

Bacon and beer cupcakes

IPA cupcakes


I’ll give away one of my secrets here, and one time only… white cake mix! Yep, all it took was white cake mix, 2 eggs and a bottle of beer of your choice. Reserve 1/4 cup of beer for your frosting if you like. Some additions to the cupcakes that I used were as follows.

Apple Beer cupcakes – I used shredded apple about 1 cup added a little apple pie spice.

Framboise cupcakes – I added crushed up fresh raspberries.

Wittikerke – Instead of using the 1/4 cup of leftover beer in the frosting, I used 1/8 of a cup and added just enough fresh orange juice and orange zest to lightly flavor the icing.

Hard Root beer cupcakes – I used a whipped cream icing and instead of beer I flavored a little heavy on the vanilla extract.

Bacon and beer cupcakes – I used a lager and crumbled up pieces of bacon in the batter. For the icing I used a buttercream base with no beer but added maple syrup and a quarter piece of crispy bacon on top.

IPA cupcake – I used an IPA made with citrus hops. For the icing, I made 2 different kinds; one with grapefruit juice and grapefruit zest, one with blood orange juice and blood orange zest in it.

The party was a big hit as were the cupcakes! Not only did I feed my passion for baking with beer and give my stepson an awesome 21st birthday, but I also created a cupcake that seemed to delight (especially the birthday boy, whom I think ate one, if not two, of every kind!)

So whether you’re preparing for a party, looking for something different or just want some yummy cupcakes, give at least one of these a try. The sky is the limit, and your local beer consultant can help you select the perfect flavors suited for you and your family’s palate!

Heather Fassett, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant

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3 thoughts on “Craft Beer Cupcakes

    • allies2015 says:


      The author used the following recipe:
      1 box of white cake mix
      2 eggs
      Bottle of Framboise
      Reserve 1/4 cup of beer for frosting if you like

      She also added crushed fresh raspberries to the batter.

      Happy baking, happier drinking!

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