The 6 Beer Drinkers You’ll Find on International Beer Day

Happy International Beer Day folks! The first Friday in August is dedicated to the celebration of beer that crosses borders. We’re not saying you should only drink imported brews, and we’re also not saying you should only drink beer that’s exported. Drink whatever you like, just remember to have a brief moment of silence before your first sip in honor of those delicious international brews. beer pourAnd while you’re toasting to the day’s honorees, take a look around you. Any beer holiday is bound to bring out all types of beer lovers, from the hyper enthused to the know-nothing newbie. We guarantee you’ll run into these six beer drinkers during tonight’s International Beer Day celebration.

The Gamer

Beer is merely a pawn in the Gamer’s plot to drink beer. He’s an expert on all the rules (“No re-racks until it’s your turn, bro”) and the best at every game (“I dare you to try and flip that cup faster”). And while everyone else his age has grown away from practicing trick shots and thinking up the perfect rule for Ring of Fire, the Gamer is still packing his homemade beer pong table in the trunk of his car, you know, just in case. Beer pong

The Season Hopper

The Season Hopper is one step ahead. In February, this person will be sippin’ a spring saison and in July, they’re the first to stock the fridge with pumpkin beers galore. This International Beer Day, they’ll be the one’s comparing this year’s batch of Oktoberfest brews–well, the ones that are already available at least.Pumpkin beer

The One Upper

She always has a beer better than the one you’re drinking, or at least knows of one. You’re drinking a double IPA? Well have you tried the double IPA from that one brewery you haven’t heard of that has won, like, 15 medals in the preliminary judging competition? Oh, you haven’t? That’s a shame. Peasants

The Loyalist

The Loyalist knows what he likes and that’s what he likes. Do not give him that new IPA made with hybrid hops. He’s sticking with his lager, his pale ale, his stout. Why should he buy something he doesn’t already know he’s going to like? The Loyalist sticks with what he knows because he knows he’ll always be happy.Kiss Beer

The Newbie

The Newbie is just dipping his toe into the wonderful waters of craft beer. He’s sipped the big name “craft” brews and confidently declared that “new” spiced ale his favorite of all time. It’s only a matter of time before he slips deeper into the craft culture, swearing off any brewery that makes more than 6 million barrels a year.Cat gif

The Adventurer

She is a fast-paced, beer lovin’ fool who almost always orders a flight of beers, most of which she’s never heard of and most definitely has never tried. Head first she’ll dive into beers with unpronounceable names, brews made with exotic herbs and new styles made by up-and-coming brewers. The best thing about the Adventurer is that she’ll always be around to get you to try something new.adventure

Which beer drinker are you?

Meghan Guarino, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits copywriter

Get more beer on Twitter @abcbeercountry

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