Smoking Spotlight: Gurkha Shine

A recent addition that is just beginning to make an appearance in our humidors is Gurkha Shine.  There is a story behind the name Shine but simply put it is to celebrate and commemorate the life of a certain gentleman and this is a cigar well worthy of this tribute.  This fine smoke sports a label designed by some folks here at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and Gurkha was kind enough to participate in this endeavor with not only the label production but proprietary blend for this cigar.


The end result of this project was a beautiful cigar with a stunning band.  I had the opportunity to try one of these the other day and was very proud and definitely satisfied with the end result.  What we have here is a well-made smoke that will appeal to a beginning smoker and to the long time smoker of cigars.

We’ve got a nice mild to medium cigar that has a nice firm feel and a silky wrapper.  The wrapper is a great looking Ecuadorian Connecticut with a very pleasant aroma.  Inside we find a blend that consists of both Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers that will produce some exciting and contrasting flavor profiles.IMG_1532

I noticed some nice toasty and woody flavors upon lighting and immediately found the draw to be easy and very full.  Personally I really enjoy an easy draw and a cigar that can produce a good amount of smoke and this cigar definitely fits that bill.  I begin to notice some hints of a little spice and a dash of black pepper creeping into the flavors to definitely spruce things up and showcase the Nicaraguan filler.  Some hints of nuts and more toast slip in from the Dominican tobaccos and make for a well-balanced flavor between the two tobacco varieties.  While not overly complex there is a definite distinction between these different fillers that make for an interesting smoke.  Add in the creaminess of the Connecticut seed wrapper and it simply pulls all the flavors together into a great smoking experience.  The burn was nearly perfect right to the end and I never had to touch this cigar up once.  While my preferences tend more to the medium to full spectrum in strength and body I noticed that I smoked this Shine right down to a nub!  IMG_1533It was just an easy drawing and very pleasurable smoke that would be enjoyable with a morning coffee or an evening snifter of port.  Pick one up next time you visit our humidor and you will not be disappointed.


Steve Mungeer, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits category manager: premium cigars and craft beer, Certified Retail Tobacconist

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