Montecristo White Series

The Montecristo label has been a long time favorite in our humidors and for good reasons.  These are always high quality, very consistent smokes that for the most part fall in the mild to medium range and represent a great cigar for both new smokers and long-time smokers.  We carry several lines within the label, the Classic series, the very flavorful Espada series, the Monte by Monte series, and our most popular series which is the White series.  And now we can announce a new member to the lineup… and in fact an addition to the White series, known as Montecristo White Series Vintage Connecticut.


This Montecristo has rapidly become one of my favorite smokes when I am looking for something a little less powerful than my full-bodied, full strength choices.  What we have here is almost a bit of a hybrid between the White and the Classic series with a bit of a tweaking.  The filler of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos that are present in the White series are also present in this cigar but a bit of long filler from Peru has been added.  Peruvian tobacco can be a bit heavy in flavor with some very complex flavors of earth and spice and some floral qualities but when used in moderation can definitely bring some interesting flavors and qualities to a blend.  The other major difference with this cigar is the wrapper.  And as we all know how much difference a wrapper can make in the flavor profile of a cigar, this where this smoke really shines.  The regular White Series uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and this Vintage Connecticut uses a true Connecticut Shade grown wrapper from their farms in Connecticut and this wrapper is a 2008 vintage.


The final result is an absolutely beautiful cigar with a golden wrapper.  The smoke begins mild and almost buttery from the aged wrapper leaf without any grassy notes that true Connecticut Shade sometimes exhibits.  This buttery and toasty flavor continues throughout the smoke with some hints of white pepper appearing.  This is a cigar that one needs to retrohale to enjoy all the complex flavors of toast, butter, pepper, earth, and even some popcorn like notes.  The burn was absolutely perfect and the draw was easy without being loose.  Intensity approached a level of medium but was definitely never over powering and never got hot.  I could continue to heap praise on this new cigar but I see this cigar as one that will have different flavors for different smokers and my suggestion is to try one as soon as possible.  This is simply an outstanding cigar for smokers of all levels!


Steve Mungeer, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Category Manager: Premium Cigars and Craft Beers, Certified Retail Tobacconist

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