New Cigars Coming to ABC!

OscarFor today’s blog I have paired the SolFyre from Flavours by CAO with a bourbon. This infused cigar, once taken out of its cellophane wrapper, will delight you with a nice, spicy cinnamon smell. When you light this cigar and start enjoying it, you will notice that it is a mild body and more of a sweet cinnamon with a hint of spice, yet not an overly sweet taste. This is a cigar that even the non-infused smokers will definitely enjoy. I decided to pair it with Ridgemont Reserve 1792 out of a handful selected bourbons. This Kentucky straight bourbon has been aged for 8 years in new charred oak barrels. This was a pair beautifully made. The bourbon was smooth and well balanced, and it did not overshadow the cinnamon flavor of the cigar; instead, it let the cigar complement it with more spice on the palate.

Jim BeamIf you have a sweet tooth, this cigar could be enjoyed also as a dessert smoke. For this purpose, it was also paired with Jim Beam Apple. This was a great experience–the cinnamon flavor of the cigar in combination with the apple in the bourbon creates the taste of a freshly baked apple pie.

Keep an eye out for SolFrye cigars at ABC. They will be available in humidors soon!

Oscar Vazquez, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Certified Retail Tobacconist

Get more cigars in our online publication,         The Humidor!

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