Mi Amor

Mi AmorTranslated from Spanish, mi amor means my love. It also is the name of a new cigar that will be hitting our humidors over the next few weeks, and after smoking several of these beauties it is a name worthy of this fine smoke. The cigar I speak of is La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor and it is part of the highly successful Ashton family which we just started carrying this past year. Our original portfolio consisted of Ashton Classics, Ashton VSG and La Aroma de Cuba. The great success we experienced with the La Aroma de Cuba line made it an easy decision to step up to the Mi Amor lineup.

The La Aroma de Cuba and the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor have many similarities and are both definitely cigars that are outstanding. They are both Nicaraguan cigars made by Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia and utilize Nicaraguan long leaf filler. While the blends seem to have some similarity in taste, there are certainly some subtle differences. The Mi Amor sports a Mexican San Andres wrapper where the regular issue is highlighted by a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. These two cigars are both outstanding, but the subtle differences in blends and the difference in wrappers make for two very different smokes.

Mi AmorThe Mi Amor has a great feel to it with its soft box press construction. The first couple draws upon lighting give a rich, semi-sweet flavor of dried fruit and an almost a burnt sugar taste. Extremely tasty and not the big pepper punch that so many Nicaraguan cigars are noted for. As the smoke developed I got notes of rich dark coffee, dark cocoa, a little bit of earth and some spice that is so mellow it is hard to believe this is Nicaraguan tobacco. You know the spice is there but it seems to simply enhance the other flavors rather than overwhelming them. A very rich, smooth and incredible flavor on every draw and an easy retrohale with absolutely no bite. The cigar burned evenly throughout the smoke and never needed a touch-up. I smoked three of these throughout the week and each one was as consistent as the prior one. Some very complex flavors that are remarkably well-balanced and just a joy to smoke. This is one of those cigars you just don’t want it to end.

The La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor was the number 2 cigar of the year back in 2011 with a 95 rating. I would still give it that same rating and would have to say this has quickly become one of my all-time favorite cigars. This is definitely one you should not miss!


Steve Mungeer, Category Manager: Premium Cigars and Craft Beer, Certified Retail Tobacconist

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