Fight The Good Fight

You may have seen an increase in pink ribbons this month, or perhaps while driving by a local hospital you’ve seen a flock of plastic pink flamingos or an inflatable pink ribbon construction floating in a women’s health center pond, or perhaps like so many of us, you have been personally affected by breast cancer so you already know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Besides these visible reminders, there are also a number of wineries, importers and distributors who are promoting breast cancer awareness by donating to breast cancer research or local breast cancer charities through sales of their wines, giving you an opportunity to give while purchasing one of your favorite bottles of wine.

Libby'sCentral Florida resident and wine importer, Nadia Galati of Alberello Wines, is donating a portion of the proceeds of the sales of every bottle of two of her pink-themed wines to Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation. This Central Florida foundation was started by two daughters to honor their mother, Libby, who died from breast cancer. This foundation’s mission is “to provide comprehensive breast health care to the underserved in our area through education, mammograms, follow up diagnostics and Hope Coaches on the journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.” Check out Libby’s Legacy’s website for more information about all that they do all year long, not just October.

The two wines that Nadia has selected are blushing with their pinkitude. The Pink Platino and Moscarosa from Giorgi hearken from Lombardy in northwestern Italy. The Pink Platino has a shiny bottle with an elegant pink hue, making it a lovely gift anytime of the year. It’s a Pinot Nero-based rosé sparkling wine (Pinot Noir in France) with just a hint of strawberry and raspberry fruit, shifting to pomegranate flavors on the tongue and a lightly dry finish. This is a perfect sparkling wine to drink alone, before a meal, or to pair with light appetizers or even a fruit galette for dessert. The Moscarosa is decidedly sweet, reminiscent of a pink moscato, but with those delicate frizzante bubbles like a Moscato d’Asti. Sweet berries on the nose and palate make this a perfect wine for people who like their wine with a little residual sugar. If you know someone who is going through breast cancer or dealing with it in their family, then think about giving these wines and know that you are giving to a local breast cancer charity as well.

Cline Cellars from California has been donating to breast cancer charities for many years and created their soft red blend, Cashmere, with its permanent pink ribbon, to let people give all year round. Little Black Dress is doing the same thing this month with their Pinot Noir, so you have a number of giving options, with differing flavor profiles, which still give you the pleasure of a fine wine.

So to honor those that have dealt with breast cancer, purchase one of these fine wines, or seek out others who are doing the same, and feel good that you are helping those who have had to deal with breast cancer or who will deal with it in the future. If we can work together we truly have hope of eradicating breast cancer, or at least getting people diagnosed and treated earlier and earlier. Crack open one of these bottles and celebrate our successes and the real hope for the future. Cheers!

Daniel Eddy, Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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